What does the installation process like?

If you would like to have charge points installed, Mina can support you with choosing a suitable charge point and arranging the installation. We don't install charge points ourselves, but work closely with installers who can walk you through the whole process and support you throughout.

In most circumstances, you will be required to submit some photographs and information about your property and the location in which you would like your charge point to be installed. Once the charge point installer has all of the information they require, they will be in touch to book your install. In the case of a non-standard install, there may be additional costs, but your installer will be in touch to discuss this.

The install itself should take around 2 hours, each installation differs slightly based on the model that you have chosen and the location of your charge point. In general, this should be a nice simple process and you will soon be charging your EV at home, at a much lower cost to public charging!