Tracking your Mileage

If you're struggling to track your business/personal miles, we would recommend the app Driversnote as it tracks all your car journeys and allows you to allocate them as business or personal.

You can auto-track, manually start/end trips and manually add trips at a later date if you want. If you choose to use the auto-track function, all you have to do is once every now and then, log on to the app and mark each recorded journey as personal or business.

Driversnote allows you to log odometer readings, save destinations like your workplace and home etc. Setting your work hours ensures the app will only track journeys between those times, saving you time on having to allocate all your evening supermarket trips and weekend visits as personal.

The app produces HMRC compliant reports that you can export directly to any email address.

Mina isn't affiliated with Driversnote, we just think it's a great app!