How will I be paid for my charging costs?

Through Mina, you'll never have to raise an expense form again. Your EV charging costs will be easily and accurately paid for, without you having to do a thing.

The Mina Solution integrates with your home charge point and energy provider to calculate the exact amount it costs you to charge your company EV at home. We then pay that amount directly to your energy provider on the 15th of each following month.

This payment will show on your energy bill as either a card payment or a credit. You'll also receive an SMS confirming the amount paid and a credit will appear on the Mina Driver Portal.

What happens if I'm using a variable energy tariff?

Variable rate tariffs are electricity tariffs where the unit rate (the price per unit of electricity, or kWh) changes throughout the day. For example, you might be paying a cheaper rate between midnight at 5am than you do during the day.

Don't worry, the Mina Solution can accurately work out the cost to charge your company EV, even if your charging session is over two different rates.

We can even deal with tariffs where the price is dynamic, changing every 30 minutes throughout the day.

How do you deal with business and personal miles?

If you're doing both business and personal miles, and your employer is only paying for business mileage, that's not a problem. We'll either take data from your existing mileage tracking system, or we'll ask you to let us know your business and personal miles via the Mina Driver portal at the end of every month.

We'll then only pay your energy provider for your business journeys.

How does paying for my public charging work?

Our Chargepass product takes care of public charging for you. It works just like a fuel card - just tap it on the public charge point each time you charge, and your employer will pick up the bill.